NEWGLSF Member fishing success

NEWGLSF would also like to point out that the year long NEWGLSF fishing contest will continue through the end of this year as planned. The fishing contest is open to all NEWGLSF members and contest details are on the “Events” link of this website. Interested persons can also find a membership form on the website to become a NEWGLSF member.


Next Planned General meeting is scheduled for September 17th, 2020. Scheduled meetings are subject to change due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Please check this website occasionally for updates on future meetings and events sponsored by NEWGLSF.

NEWGLSF 2019 Year Long Fishing Contest Winners

Brown Trout             Joe Sharpe                22.43 Pounds
Chinook Salmon       Bob Stanul                 31.09 Pounds
Coho Salmon            Steven Bergner         12.05 Pounds
Lake Trout                Andrew Pautz           23.02 Pounds
Rainbow Trout         Tony Borowski         15.00 Pounds

Grand Slam Winner – Kevin Groh - 86.94 Pounds:
Brown Trout = 22.34 Pounds
Chinook Salmon = 25.64 Pounds
Coho Salmon = 10.74 Pounds
Lake Trout = 15.03 Pounds
Rainbow Trout = 13.19 Pounds


For 2019 Salmon Derby photos click on the "events" link and derby photos under the heading "Derby"